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A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.

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A patent is a right, granted by the government, to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention in UAE .eral Law No. 44 for the year 1992 pertaining to the Industrial.

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Industrial Design

An industrial design is the visual features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or any combination of these features—applied to a finished article made by hand, tool or machine.

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In the simplest terms, “copyright” means “the right to copy.” In general, only the copyright owner, often the creator of the work, is allowed to produce or reproduce the work.

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Trademark Watch

ALROWAD provides its clients with a Trademark Watch Service by monitoring all published trademarks resembling our clients’ original trademarks in UAE

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ALROWAD International Intellectual Property Consultants assist clients and their litigation counsel with both IP Management and IP Litigation.

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More Details

Trademark, Patent and Design Registration

Search and monitor for published trademarks, designs of client’s original mark and offer registration for maintaining, licensing and counselling services for trademarks, patents and designs within the countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Trademark watch

We safeguard your valuable brand and accurately respond to potential infringements with a full range of expert, local, and international trademark watching. Our trademark watch services help our client’s to systematically uncover potential conflicts involving newly published trademark applications on an international level. We screen the gazettes and the newly filed marks are handed over in a timely manner to our clients so as to help them make the right business decisions

Trademark, Patent and Design portfolio management/counseling

Our Intellectual Property portfolio management services allow our clients to track application status, information, invoices, and progress. Our system makes us able to send instructions to any of our IP offices for services such as search, renewal, and recording of the client’s license. We even assist our clients in times of difficulties if they are unable to understand the application process by counseling them in terms of the process, schedules, payments, application status, search process, and renewals.

Trademark, Patent and Design Official, Database and Common Law Search

Our inclusive database and common law search determines trademark availability in the MENA region and on an international level. Our trained attorneys make use of advanced searching techniques coupled with most up-to-date trademark databases to uncover registered, cancelled and expired trademarks as well as pending and abandoned trademark applications.

Trademark, Patent and Design Renewals/Annuities

To renew the trademark so as to protect the mark from threats, our trusted attorneys let our clients know when to pay for the renewals of their respected trademark which could be 7,10 or 15 years depending on the country they are registered in. Whereas, when it comes to patent our attorneys set annuity reminder for our clients to inform them regarding the annuity payment to keep their patent alive every year.

Franchising and licensing

We represent a full range of franchisors, from start ups to national and international franchise organisations and systems. We provide protection of confidential or sensitive information and other Intellectual Property issues common to the franchise systems. We provide effective advice in franchising by accurately accessing the unique relationship between franchisors and franchisees.

Trademark, Patent and Design Examination/Valuation

We examine the application in order, according to the filing date of the application. Once the requirements have been met, the application then is forwarded to the trademark, patent office where its registered.

Customs Recordation

We provide the record of the trademark used or intended to be used, in order to identify and distinguish the brand from that of the other providers and to specify the source of the brand. Moreover, we keep the maintenance of the Customs database for Intellectual Property rights after the completion of the necessary procedures.

Trademark, Patent and Design Appeals, oppositions, cancellation actions and courts

Our legal attorneys help in reviewing the cases, whenever our clients have requested for a formal change to an official decision or in terms of error correction as well as cancellation. In case a person believes that they can suffer damage while registering a mark or design can file an opposition and our attorneys make sure they help their clients in their best interest. However, the opposition can only be processed in response to the publication of the mark in the Official Gazette.


At ALROWAD Intellectual Property services, we provide a wide range of anti-infringement services which safeguard your Intellectual Property rights as well as your financial interests. Our attorneys at our firm, provide our clients with the necessary expertise to advise you on anti-infringement matters. We work in all sorts of infringement areas that include trademark, patent, design and copyright all across the Middle East and North Africa region.

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